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Expert Guidance, Every Step of The Way

Expert Guidance, Every Step of The Way

Defend Your Future with Empire Law, Inc.
Reach out to Empire Law, Inc: Where proven legal defense and unmatched expertise come together to protect your future.
Pioneering Mental Health Support in Legal Battles
Discover compassionate defense and a brighter tomorrow.
Defend Your Future with Empire Law Inc
Reach out to Empire Law Inc: Where proven legal defense and unmatched expertise come together to protect your future.
Pioneering Mental Health Support in Legal Battles
Discover compassionate defense and a brighter tomorrow.

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Empowering Your Legal Journey

At Empire Law, Inc. we are not just attorneys; we are dedicated advocates committed to protecting and empowering our clients. With years of experience in the intricate realms of criminal and immigration law, our firm stands on the pillars of justice, integrity, and compassion.

Based in Riverside, CA, our team combines deep legal expertise with a personal touch, ensuring every client feels understood, supported, and confidently represented. We navigate the complexities of the legal system with unwavering dedication, aiming to transform challenges into opportunities for a brighter future.

At Empire Law, Inc. your peace of mind is our highest priority.

Practice Areas

At Empire Law, Inc. we passionately defend your rights, handling everything from complex felonies to intricate immigration challenges. Dive into a world where every case is personal, every solution tailored to fit you.

Criminal Law

symbolizing legal matters and potential implications.

Misdemeanors and Felonies Defense

Expert defense against minor and major charges, safeguarding your future.

highlighting legal procedures and potential implications

Motions to Vacate (Penal Code §1473.7)

Strategic legal motions to overturn unjust convictions, especially for immigrants and those with mental health challenges.

advocating for mental health acceptance and support.

Mental Health Advocacy

Specialized defense for individuals with mental health issues, focusing on diversion and treatment over punishment.

Defense strategy for an immigrant facing criminal charges.

Immigrant Criminal Defense

Protective legal strategies to prevent deportation for non-citizens facing criminal charges.

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Immigration Law

guiding a family through the paperwork required for immigration filings.

Family Petitions and Immigration Filings

Uniting families through meticulous petition filing and immigration advocacy.

victims of crimes and abuse receiving counseling and legal assistance.

Victims of Crimes and Abuse

Compassionate assistance for immigrants affected by crime or abuse, guiding them towards legal residency.

explaining the rights and benefits of Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) to a child and their guardian.

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) and Guardianship

Dedicated support for young immigrants seeking safety and a future through SIJS and guardianship avenues.

strategizing and preparing a defense for a client in removal proceedings

Removal Defense

Robust defense strategies for individuals facing deportation, ensuring every possible avenue is explored for staying in the U.S.

Why Choose Us

Choosing Empire Law, Inc. means securing a partner in your legal journey who values your well-being as much as your legal success. Our unique blend of seasoned legal expertise and deep understanding of mental health issues sets us apart, ensuring that you’re not just another case number but a valued individual with unique needs and circumstances.

At Empire Law, Inc. we believe in a holistic approach to defense, where your mental, emotional, and legal needs are all addressed with the same level of care and professionalism. We don’t just fight for your legal rights; we advocate for your future and peace of mind. Partner with us, and experience the power of compassionate, comprehensive legal representation tailored just for you.

Unmatched Legal Expertise

Deep knowledge in criminal and immigration law

Personalized Client Approach

Every case treated with unique attention

Proven Success Record

History of favorable outcomes for clients

Comprehensive Support

Beyond legal advice - full support and guidance

Client Testimonials

Our Attorneys

Introducing Our Attorneys: A Team of Passionate Legal Experts at Empire Law, Inc. committed to providing unparalleled representation and personalized attention in the fields of criminal and immigration law.
Alejandro Barraza Attorneys' commitment to justice and advocacy for their clients.

Alejandro Barraza

A compassionate defender specializing in mental health and immigrant legal challenges, Alejandro is committed to turning adversity into opportunity.

Jonathan Mendoza Attorneys' core values and mission statement, illustrating their commitment to client satisfaction and legal excellence.

Jonathan Mendoza

With deep roots in the Inland Empire, Jonathan is a tenacious advocate dedicated to serving his community through rigorous criminal and immigration defense.


Explore our FAQ section for quick answers to common queries and learn more about how Empire Law, Inc. can navigate you through your legal journey.

While there are no guarantees, we promise to do everything in our power to get your charges dropped, restore your good name, and get you back on the right track. Reach out to our office for a free consultation to discuss your case and begin strategizing.

If the complainant (alleged victim) does not want to press charges, the prosecutor may take this into account. However, prosecutors can and often do pursue charges even if the complainants don’t cooperate. Especially if the offense involved a violent or dangerous crime.

Depends. Every case and every client is different. For example, a client who has DACA or is a Legal Permanent Resident or is TPS will approach a case differently because of the immigration consequences. At Empire Law, Inc. prior to making the decision of going forward, we will discuss all of the details of your case.

Not before discussing your case with an experienced attorney. Accepting a plea deal is the same as admitting guilt. Although you may receive a lesser sentence, you’ll still be left with a criminal record that can be more damaging to your future than served penalties. It’s well worth your time to explore all of your options before accepting a plea deal.

Even if you’re set on pleading guilty, you should always consult an attorney before entering your guilty plea. Their legal knowledge can help reduce or remove penalties completely from what would otherwise be harsh consequences for the crime committed.

Proving guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt” refers to the standard of proof the prosecution must meet in a criminal case. The standard of proof is the level of certainty each juror must have before determining that a defendant is guilty of a crime.

The jury listens to the evidence during a trial, decides what facts the evidence has established, and draws inferences from those facts to form the basis for their decision. The jury decides whether a defendant is “guilty” or “not guilty.” A jury is a group of people summoned and sworn to decide on the facts in issue at a trial.

Choosing a lawyer is actually a very intimate process. When you’re facing legal action, there are many aspects of your life and your loved ones that become intertwined and complex. It’s imperative that you trust the legal team that you decide to work with on your case.

We do our best to not only be a listening ear for clients, but also remain organized and professional, taking less stresser off the backs of families that are already facing trying times. Our job is to make your life easier and to represent you in the complicated realms of the law. When you’re ready to choose your lawyer, you should feel comfortable, confident, and leave the office with a strong plan of action on how you’re going to move forward.

If you’re ready to speak to someone about your case, don’t hesitate to give our office a call to see if we are the right fit for you.

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