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¡Viva en los estados unidos sin miedo de deportación!

Con este libro electrónico, descubre las 3 mejores soluciones para vivir sin mirar por encima del hombro.



¡Viva en los estados unidos sin miedo de deportación!

Con este libro electrónico, descubre las 3 mejores soluciones para vivir sin mirar por encima del hombro.

Our Practice

Criminal Defense

If you are under investigation for a crime, or if you have already been charged, it is important to understand just how much is at stake. Criminal charges of any severity have the potential of stripping you of freedoms, costing you expensive fines and, in many cases, resulting in jail time.

Immigration Law

We understand that our work has enormous impact on the lives of immigrants and their families. Immigration law is extremely complex and having an experienced immigration attorney guide you through the process is absolutely essential.

Post-Conviction Relief

You may have forgotten about those old convictions, but the government hasn’t. All arrests, and criminal convictions, stay on your record long past their Statute of Limitations. If you need to clear your record, talk to us.

Live Scan

Arrests and even minor misdemeanors show up on people’s records. It’s important to you to know what other people see. And what employers and judges want to see is honesty. A Live Scan fingerprinted background check will show.

Empire Law Inc. is here for your immigration and criminal defense needs.

At Empire Law Inc., we focus on delivering results for our clients by tackling their legal needs. Whatever your immigration or criminal defense needs may be, you can expect customized legal assistance focused on meeting your goals.

We provide expert representation for your immigration legal needs.

The United States Immigration process is highly complex and complicated. Whether you are beginning your immigration journey, need assistance with handling life changes that affect your immigration process, or face legal challenges that may impact your immigration status, Empire Law Inc. is here to help you. Even the slightest immigration issue can seem insurmountable without legal representation.

Our experience with immigration law and processes will give you the peace of mind of knowing your case is expertly handled. We will help you achieve your goals and navigate the immigration process with as little interruption to your life. If you face criminal charges that may impact your immigration status, Empire Law Inc. will manage the complex procedures for you and ensure everything is handled correctly. Your immigration lawyer in Riverside, Empire Law Inc., can not only address your immigration needs but also provide criminal defense for you as well.

We fight for you in criminal cases.

If you are facing criminal charges, the prospect of appearing in court is incredibly stressful. With your future on the line, you should have a criminal defense attorney with you every step of the way. At Empire Law Inc., we value your time and understand the critical nature of your situation. We get to work for you immediately and use our experience and skills to bring you the best possible resolution.

Many criminal cases have an excellent chance of a dismissal or not guilty verdict if you have a criminal defense attorney on your case. When you hire Empire Law Inc. to represent your interests in a criminal case, you will get a highly qualified and experienced representation that takes every opportunity to challenge the prosecution. Our job is to ensure that you are treated fairly during the entire legal process and that your case is given the respect and dedication you deserve. Empire Law Inc. is your criminal defense lawyer in Riverside, working for you to resolve your criminal issue.

Immigration & Criminal Defense Representation You Can Trust

The legal system is challenging to navigate unless you have an experienced attorney you can trust to represent your interests. Empire Law Inc. strives to provide exceptional client-centered immigration, and criminal defense representation focused on achieving goals. Contact our office today for a consultation, and let us earn your trust to tackle your legal needs.

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