Reckless driving is a severe offense that can lead to costly fines, license suspensions, and even jail time. Anyone facing these charges must understand the common defenses in reckless driving cases.

These defenses may help reduce or eliminate the penalties associated with reckless driving convictions. Knowing what arguments are available can give you an advantage when fighting your case in court. With the help of a criminal defense attorney in Riverside, CA, you can figure out how to beat your reckless driving charges.

Below are some commonly used defense tactics for tackling reckless driving charges head-on.

Lack of Intent

Lack of intent is a common defense used in reckless driving cases. A driver may argue that they did not intend to drive recklessly, whether due to a distraction or simply being unaware of their surroundings. For example, a driver who was not paying attention and missed a stop sign could claim they did not intend to break the law.

If this defense is successful, the driver may be able to reduce their penalties or get their charges dropped altogether. A criminal defense attorney in Riverside, CA, can help you make this argument more effectively by providing evidence and legal insight.

Unsafe Road Conditions

In certain cases, it is possible to argue that road conditions were unsafe and contributed to reckless driving. Unsafe road conditions include anything from crumbling pavement to inadequate signs or obscured lines. Additionally, debris on the road can cause drivers to swerve out of their lane, potentially leading to a reckless driving charge.

If unsafe road conditions were a contributing factor in the incident, a criminal defense attorney can use this to reduce or eliminate your reckless driving charges. The lawyer would need to provide evidence that the road conditions directly led to your actions and argue that you could not have reasonably avoided the incident under those conditions.

Inadequate Signage or Lack of Warning Signs

In many cases of reckless driving, inadequate signage or warning signs can be used as a defense. These signs are designed to alert drivers to upcoming changes in the road, such as narrowed lanes, sharp turns, and any other potential hazards. In some cases, drivers might not have been aware of the change in conditions due to a lack of adequate warning.

A criminal defense attorney in Riverside, CA, can argue that inadequate signage or warning signs led to the driver’s actions. This means they should not be held accountable for reckless driving. The lawyer would need to provide evidence that there were inadequate warnings on the road or that any existing signs were too small or obstructed to be noticed.

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