Some people are fond of saying that the law is a thing of detail, or alternately, a detailed thing.

It certainly is – there are so many considerations to think about, and evaluations to make when dealing with a particular legal case. The context is fundamentally important, but so is the technical makeup of the case itself, and the motions and court documents filed around it.

One example is the issue of correct filing.

It’s absolutely aggravating for a client (or his/her counsel) to figure out that some part of a case strategy failed simply because something wasn’t filed correctly. But there are details in this part of the law, too, and those kinds of small mistakes can have big consequences. 

For example, we have a video on the site about filing a 1473.7 to vacate, and how to do that well. It shows that this has been a major factor in some of our past cases. And that’s the example – that something relatively small, something that may seem less significant, can have a prominent bearing on a case. 

Reasons for Refiling

Sometimes the original filing just didn’t have the right information. It happens.

Other times, there were changes in the law. Think of the law as a living being that changes and evolves over time. Then think about state law as the governing entity for a state of residence and a particular legal jurisdiction.

For a lot of people, when they think about this, a big picture tends to start to come together. It’s that your knowledgeable attorney is your guide and your foundation through these detailed environments. It’s that your attorney is helping you through courthouse procedures, but also leading you through a labyrinth of conceptual law and legal context. It also shows you the inner workings of the law itself, in some ways – the ways that court systems handle information to provide resolution. 

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