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Expert Guidance, Every Step of The Way

Do you have rights as an immigrant?

Yes. Immigrants have a number of key rights under the U.S. Constitution and legal system. In fact, the legacy of American immigration means that traditionally, immigrants were considered a key part of the model in creating a vibrant society. Remember that if you struggle to establish yourself and access your rights under U.S. law, as an immigrant.

Immigrants and Benefit Rights

In a few key ways, immigrants have fundamental rights to some of the benefits that citizens and noncitizens alike enjoy within America.

That fact may be glossed over by some media outlets and sources that seem to imply that noncitizens shouldn’t have these rights, but the legal system disagrees. It has built these rights into the promise of this melting pot nation and that remains the right of new immigrants to enjoy.

That doesn’t mean that immigrants somehow get a “free ride” or are taking advantage of the system. Benefits are there in order to help with very important social improvements and safeguards in a country that assists a lot of different kinds of people. That’s part of the contract that Americans make in the federal system and a guiding source for defining rights in general.

Protection Rights

During the COVID pandemic, it became clearer that immigrants also have certain protection rights conferred by the government as it tries to keep people safe from pathogens and other threats.

In other words, some of the pandemic work focused on processes that showed how immigrants have the same rights of protection bestowed on citizens who are living in the country.

Process Rights

Believe it or not, immigrants also have a wide selection of process rights when it comes to their treatment, including deportation.

Sadly, it can be hard for many immigrants to access these rights, either because of a lack of knowledge of the legal system, lack of skilled legal representation, or other challenges.

Too many immigrants get caught up in a dragnet in which the difference between criminal law and immigration law just isn’t clear enough to the average person.

Empire Law can help immigrants to access all of their rights for years. Work with a professional and knowledgeable lawyer to protect your family from unfair prosecution or other legal issues. We will be by your side as you navigate a system that can be extremely challenging and frustrating to deal with alone. By advocating for our clients, we try to push forward on the legal rights that so many people rely on to live.