Post-Conviction Relief

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Life happens. People make mistakes. Don’t let your past limit your future. Empire Law, Inc. believes that everyone deserves a fresh start. That’s why we offer legal services for Post-Conviction Relief. We can file petitions to get your convictions expunged and your records sealed so that employers won’t make hasty judgments against your prior history.
You may have forgotten about those old convictions, but the government hasn’t. All arrests, and criminal convictions, stay on your record long past their Statute of Limitations. If you need to clear your record, talk to us. We offer Live Scan background checks to see what they have on your file. From there, we can target each conviction and set the record right again.
For immigrant populations, sometimes vacating a conviction is the only way to stay in the United States. Empire Law, Inc. specializes in obtaining post-conviction relief for immigrants to mitigate the long-term consequences of criminal convictions.
At Empire Law, Inc., we have your back. With our Post-Conviction Relief and Live Scan services, we add extra layers of defense to help you protect your life.

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