Our Practice Areas

Our practice is built in a unique way, offering a specific blend of services…for that reason, we believe we are much better equipped to handle your matter and everything the Government will throw at you.

Criminal Defense

If you are under investigation for a crime, or if you have already been charged, it is important to understand just how much is at stake. Criminal charges of any severity have the potential of stripping you of freedoms, costing you expensive fines and, in many cases, resulting in jail time. 

Immigration Law

We understand that our work has enormous impact on the lives of immigrants and their families. Immigration law is extremely complex and having an experienced immigration attorney guide you through the process is absolutely essential.

Post-Conviction Relief

You may have forgotten about those old convictions, but the government hasn’t. All arrests, and criminal convictions, stay on your record long past their Statute of Limitations. If you need to clear your record, talk to us.

Live Scan Services

Arrests and even minor misdemeanors show up on people’s records. It’s important to you to know what other people see. And what employers and judges want to see is honesty. A Live Scan fingerprinted background check will show.


How much does it cost to hire a lawyer?

​Legal fees will vary from case to case. The factors that go into determining the legal fee include, but are not limited to, the complexity of the case and potential obstacles (i.e., witness issues, evidence-based issues, constitutional rights, etc.). Furthermore, filing fees are required for certain immigration applications. If you have an inability to pay, however, you may qualify for a fee waiver for certain forms. Filing fees are separate from attorney representation fees.

How long will it take to resolve my case?

Estimating the time it will take for any kind of matter to resolve is extremely difficult.  Much of that will depend on our case load, how quickly you can get additional information we request, back to us, as well as opposing parties and their processing times. When you come in for a consultation, we may be able to give you a general time frame of how long your matter will take, once we know more specifics about your situation.

Rest assured, we'll be with you every step of the way.  You can always call in to check the status of a case, or simply send an email.

What should I bring to the consultation?

To make it easy, you should bring anything and everything you have related to your matter.  Don't worry about whether it is relevant.  Once we begin discussing your situation, we'll figure out what information is necessary, which is good to have, and which we simply don't need.

If you have possible witnesses that may be needed, make sure to have their contact information handy as well.

How many cases do you handle??

The short answer is: We handle enough cases.

The longer answer is:  There is no specific number of matters that we can handle.  The number of cases we take on varies, depending on a several factors.  To make this determination, we look at our current cases and your own case, and weigh several factors, including: type of case, where the case is located, what stage of proceeding a case is in, how much additional investigative work needs to happen, and the amount of time we generally expect the new case to take.

We always make sure that we are not taking on too many cases so that we can make sure we provide the proper attention to each case that comes into our office. We believe in quality representation.

Of course, this means that we turn down cases from time to time. 

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