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Expert Guidance, Every Step of The Way

Expert Guidance, Every Step of The Way

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) and Guardianship

Protecting Vulnerable Young Immigrants

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) offers a pathway to safety and stability for children who have been abused, abandoned, or neglected by a parent. This protective immigration status allows eligible children to remain in the United States and eventually obtain lawful permanent residency.

At Empire Law, Inc. we understand the critical nature of these cases and are dedicated to providing compassionate, expert legal assistance to protect the rights and well-being of young immigrants.

Protecting Vulnerable Young Immigrants - Empowering Futures
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Navigating SIJS and Guardianship Processes

The journey to secure SIJS involves several legal steps, including obtaining a state court order that declares the child cannot reunite with one or both parents due to abuse, abandonment, or neglect, and that it’s not in the child’s best interest to return to their home country. Following this, an application for SIJS can be submitted to USCIS. The process is complex and requires careful handling to ensure the child’s best interests are at the forefront.

Empire Law, Inc. is here to guide you through every step, from state court proceedings to guardianship arrangements and SIJS applications. Our team provides thorough representation and support to ensure the most favorable outcome for the child’s future.

Our Commitment to Young Immigrants

Our commitment at Empire Law, Inc. extends beyond legal representation. We strive to provide a safe, supportive environment for young immigrants as they navigate these challenging processes. We understand the importance of stability and security for children’s growth and development and work tirelessly to ensure that their legal needs are met with empathy and professionalism.

Our Commitment to Young Immigrants - Empowering Futures
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Begin the Journey to Stability and Safety

If you are a young immigrant facing abuse, abandonment, or neglect, or if you know a child in need of protection, Empire Law, Inc. is here to help. We offer specialized legal services designed to secure the future of vulnerable children through SIJS and guardianship.

Call us at (888) 611-3529 to schedule a consultation. Let’s discuss how we can assist in providing the legal protection and support needed to start a new chapter in safety and security.

Every child deserves a chance for a better future. At Empire Law, Inc. we’re committed to turning that belief into a reality for the young immigrants we serve. Let us be the advocates for the safety and security your child needs and deserves.

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