Growing up in The Inland Empire, Jonathan Mendoza has seen countless criminal cases where either the power of the law was misused and misdirected, breaking families apart after a conviction. Or, he’s also witnessed situations where the defendant actually admitted guilt and took responsibility, but their conviction was way too harsh and left their whole lives turned upside down.

As an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Riverside, CA, Jonathan Mendoza’s biggest priority is fighting for you and your family in some of the most trying times of your life. When the legal system has mistreated you, our local criminal law office can help you explore options that can relieve some of your stress, like post conviction relief.

How Does Post Conviction Relief Work?

Like everything else in the legal system, there is a procedure for even asking the courts to basically be a bit more understanding when it comes to the after effects of your case. Your criminal defense attorney not only helps organize and present the truth of the aftermath after a criminal conviction, but helps to humanize you within the eyes of the court.

There are a variety of different ways that our legal team may be able to help you with post conviction relief depending on your individual needs. Post conviction relief may include legal representation for probation violations, record expungement, and modification or dismissal of criminal convictions altogether.

Everything comes down to what you and your loved ones really need to feel supported and move forward without this difficult time holding you back like a ball and chain. Even if found guilty, we believe that in the human ability to change and course correct — sometimes, you just need that second chance! We work tirelessly to help you clean up any past convictions to create a better future for you and those you care about.

How Can Empire Law, Inc. Start Helping Me With My Record?

One of our strengths is being able to effectively handle violations by minimizing the consequences or seeking another favorable outcome. This is especially true for those who are seeking help with probation violations.

Another tangible thing that our team can do for you is to completely clear or modify your criminal record so that it does not have a negative effect on your future when it comes to college/university applications, employment search, and other strenuous processes like updating immigration status.

Whether you need help with getting your record expunged, reducing felonies to misdemeanors (or other modifications), diving back into the case and correcting the ineffective legal representation that lead to your conviction, or so much more, we are here to help you.

The first and most important thing that we recommend you do as soon as possible is get in touch with the speediest Inland Empire criminal lawyer, Jonathan Mendoza for assistance. By choosing to discuss your past with an experienced criminal defense attorney, you can take one step closer to strategize a way to build a better future!